digital storytelling workshop

I've created this workshop specifically for researchers, activists, thought leaders, and any other individual looking to translate or showcase their work to a wider audience utilizing multimedia. The length, content, and structure of this workshop can be tailored to fit your needs.

What you will learn:

  • Context as to why "knowledge translation" is more important now than ever,

  • Strategies to talk to others (particularly those with no prior knowledge or alternative opinion) about your research or activism,

  • 6 rules of great storytelling (via PIXAR)

  • How to choose the medium that's right for you,

  • Where to find inspiration for content, and

  • Free resources to help you create multimedia content and publish.

Note: This workshop was first given as a presentation for academic researchers at the Women in International Security (WIIS) Canada's annual workshop in 2018–see the image to the left.