digital storytelling workshop

I've created this workshop specifically for researchers, activists, thought leaders, and other individuals looking to translate or showcase their work to a wider audience utilizing multimedia. The length, content, and structure of this workshop can be tailored to fit your needs.

What you will learn:

  • Context as to why "knowledge translation" is more important now than ever

  • Strategies to talk to others (particularly those with no prior knowledge or alternative opinion) about your research or activism

  • 6 rules of great storytelling (via PIXAR)

  • How to choose the medium that's right for you

  • Where to find inspiration for content

  • Free resources to help you create multimedia content and publish

Note: This workshop was first given as a presentation for academic researchers at the Women in International Security (WIIS) Canada's annual workshop in 2018, and was then adapted for designers, developers, and engineers at Healthcare Human Factors. Learn more here!