Hi there!

My name is Victoria, and I'm a digital storyteller and researcher. 

When I was a kid my dad moved to Saudi Arabia, and for 4 months my brother and I lived in rural Virginia with my grandparents until we could join him. To fill the time, my grandma encouraged me to write and photograph a book of stories about my adventures on the farm; complete with wild horses, fat ducks, and dangerous tire swings. 

So, I started to create – and never stopped. 

Fast-forward 17 years and I've learned to pair creativity and academic curiosity to conduct research and create content for over a dozen policy organizations, think-tanks, academic institutions, digital lifestyle magazines, travel websites, activists, and more. Specifically, I've done academic and policy research in fields such as security; counter-terrorism; defense; multiculturalism; irregular migration; ethnic conflict; entrepreneurship; and gender. And my geographical interest is in the Middle East/North Africa region. Currently, I'm determined to learn more about the nexus of AI and international conflict; and space. (Always, space.) 

Influencing all of my work is the desire to increase accessibility to information regarding complex, global issues through academic research, design and multimedia content. 

Check my CV. If you like what you see, let's work together!